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Train and Airplane tickets

Pocket Wifi

Translator and interpretor


Beauty and Well being



To allow you to fully enjoy your holiday in complete peace of mind, we offer our guests the opportunity to subscribe to medical insurance that would eventually cover all related costs should you have an accident while abroad.

This contract covers personal repatriation (24/24h), reimbursement of medical and hospitalization costs, baggage insurance (theft and deterioration, including during your stay), early returns, ‘search and rescue’ costs, advance of a criminal deposit, legal fees, civil liability, accident liability and trip interruption insurance
(reimbursement of unused inland transport services following your early return).

Please contact us with any questions, for complementary information and for bookings.


From 60 € / person for a two week trip to Japan

Train and Airplane tickets

We work with a specialised travel agency for the booking of all of your train and air travel tickets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with all of your travel needs. We will find the best deals for your internal flights and high-speed “Shinkansen” train tickets (world renowned for it’s high speed and inimitable quality of service aboard).

Pocket Wifi

The use of a foreign SIM card in Japan, even for consulting emails and photo sharing, is very costly.

Japan has in recent years began offering short-term mobile phone rentals. Hotels and public areas sometimes offer free WiFi hotspots, however in order to freely use your portable devices, wherever you may be, to connect to social media, consult your mapping apps or research information, we recommend you rent a “pocket wifi box” that will allow you to reduce costs and facilitate surfing the web as you please at an affordable price.

Pocket WiFi rental

The « pocket wifi box » (the size of a cigarette pack) emits an internet signal and allows users to connect up to 10 different mobile devices simultaneously (telephones, computers and tablets). Different versions of the “pocket wifi box” are available to choose from depending on how many devices you wish to use and how fast a connection you need.

From 6050 JPY : 7 days

From 8150 JPY / 14 days

From 12950 JPY / month

(delivery and drop-off included)

Pay-as- you-go SIM Card

A pay-as- you-go SIM card (available in standard and micro formats, unassigned to a phone number and therefore rendering incoming and outgoing calls impossible) with 1,4Go of data can be used in any of your portable devices. This type of card is valid for a maximum of 30 days starting from the first use.

From 3500 JPY / 7 days (1,4 Go of data)

From 4000 JPY / 15 days (3 Go of data)

From 4500 JPY / 30 days (6 Go of data)

(delivery included)

Translator and interpretor

The translator, as does the interpretor, translates a spoken or written text, often from a foreign language to his/her mother tongue.

The translator transposes a written text while conforming to both form and substance. He translates various texts, including official documents, legal and financial (contracts, annual reports, etc.), technical documents (patents, technical datasheets, user manuals, etc.), sales documentation (mailings, product sheets), audiovisual files (DVD, internet, etc.)

The interpretor transposes a spoken text from a foreign language (for example, French) to that of his audience (for example, Japanese). He interprets, meaning that he accurately reproduces the meaning and intensity of the spoken text. It is not a word for word translation. This facilitates communication between people that speak different languages, coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Please contact us for all enquiries regarding prices and reservations.


Book your own personal shopper !

Most personal shoppers are former professionals from the fashion industry : models, stylists, purchasers, fashion journalists. They have a deep understanding of various materials, haute couture, trends and the history of fashion in general.

Your personal stylist will begin by enquiring about your personal tastes, your lifestyle and your budget in order to establish a solid understanding of what you are looking for.

The personal shopper will then accompany and guide you arounda personalised shopping circuit designed just for you.

You also have the opportunity to book a private chauffeur to make this experience as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Please contact us with all enquiries regarding prices and reservations.

Beauty and Well being

We work with well renowned professionals, for all of your hairstyling, make-up, manicure and massage needs.

Kick back, relax and enjoy these professional services that can last from one hour to several on demand.

Please do not hesitate to inform us of all your beauty and well-being needs. For all last minute enquiries, we will ensure that you get the best service at the time that best suits your schedule.

Please contact us with all enquiries regarding prices and reservations.