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Activities in Tokyo

Tailor-made activities so you can enjoy Tokyo to the fullest!

Find out more about all of the opportunities and possibilities Tokyo has to offer !

Our recommendations and hidden gems

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Culinary and sensory arts

Visits and excursions

Event-based trips

Shows and Attraction parks

Cruise dinner

Culinary and sensory arts

Cooking lessons

Different packages are made available to you. You can either attend group classes or have your own personal teacher for private classes. Learn to make sushi, maki and sobas (Japanese noodles).

From 6700 JPY / person for a 1h30 class

We also recommend a visit combining a tour of the Tsukiji fish market (largest of it’s kind in the world) and a cooking lesson where you can learn to make Washoku dishes, a traditional Japanese method of cuisine.

From 10000 JPY / person for a 3h class

Enjoy a truly culinary and sensory experience by trying local delicacies such as yakitori, manjayaki and taiyaki in
the hidden gems of the streets of Tokyo.

From 10600 JPY / person for a 3h class

Traditional Tea Ceremony

Attend a Japanese tea ceremony in a traditional salon, enter onto the tatami and make your very own « Matcha » tea. The tasting is paired with local Japanese sweets.

Visits and excursions

We organise guided visits of a number of neighbourhoods in Tokyo with a professional tour guide, or a half day formula, with a photographer. You will be taken to the most famous parks, the most exclusive areas of the city, along the river and to the most famous temples. You will be able to take home the photos taken during the day on a USB stick.

Visit the unmissable spots :

Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Sugamo, Ueno, Harajuku, Akihabara, Ropongi, Ryogoku…

Available tours and excursions :

Please find below a short list of the most traditional and popular tours in Tokyo (for locals and tourists alike) :
Please let us know which language you would like the tour to be conducted in, and we will do the necessary to find a tour guide that meets your expectations and needs.

Sumo Wrestling (4h)
A transfer by train is organised for this visit, from the rendez-vous point to the event itself. The trip includes a tour of the museum of Sumo wrestling, and you will then be accompanied directly to your seat to watch the “Dohyo-iri” ceremony, where the Sumos enter the ring, and then on to the match itself.

These events are only available during certain times of year depending on the Sumo Wrestling season. Please contact us directly for all enquiries regarding dates and bookings.

From 10500 JPY

Day trip to Mount Fuji & Hakone (9h)
Different packages are made available to you with a return trip either by coach or « Shinkansen ». Visit of Mount Fuji, up to the 5th highest station, cruise on Lake Ashi and a visit of Mount Ropeway Komagatake (Hakone).

Available only on certain days. Please contact us directly for all enquiries regarding dates and bookings.

From 12500 JPY

Visit of Kyoto & Nara (2 to 3 day trip)
Morning departure by Shinkansen with a return the following evening, one night in a hotel in Kyoto, buffet lunch meals provided both days. The cultural tours are done by coach : temple visits and cultural sites in Nara on the first day (notably Todaji and TAsuga Taisha) and Kyoto the following day (Kinkakuji and the Golden Pavillon).

Price upon request

« Express Package », day trip
Available only on certain days. Please contact us directly for all enquiries regarding dates and bookings.

Event-based trips

We can provide suggestions and advice, and will organise your trip, whether it be for a few days, a week or a prolonged period of time. This may include all kinds of sporting and/or cultural events (for example, sporting events such as baseball, Sumotori, World Cup Football or rugby), music festivals and concerts, or the biggest event of Spring in Japan “Sakura”, the blossoming of the traditional cherry trees.

Please contact us directly in order to discuss the details of your trip, and we will provide you with a quote covering the services best suited to your trip.

Shows and Attraction parks

A wide variety of events and spectacles are on offer in Tokyo : traditional theatre pieces (on tatamis), Kendo shows (the samurai martial art), the infamous tea ceremonies…
Disneyland Tokyo and Fuji-Q Highland are the two unmissable attraction parks in the capital.

We work alongside specialised sporting agencies in order to provide you with tickets to the biggest and most spectacular sporting events.

If a particular theme or sport has caught your eye, please contact us with all enquiries or demands for complementary information and bookings.

Cruise dinner

The Yakatabune is a Japanese boat that offers beautiful evening meals cruising down the river Sumida.

You should count on average two hours for this amazing experience. Of course, different packages are made available to you with regards to the meal itself.
The “Monja / Yakisoba” (Japanese delicacies) is a popular option where you get the opportunity to cook yourself on a traditional heated cooking plate at the centre of the table.


From 6500 JPY / person for an « eat all you want » formula

For a more traditional meal, with table service, prices start at 10800 JPY / person