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Accommodation in Tokyo

Nightlife in the capital city of Japan

Find out more about accommodation in Tokyo suited to every budget, every desire and any length of stay recommended by Over the World. 


Find the temporary home that suits you best !


Hotels & « Ryokan »

Appartments (private & furnished flats)

Colocation / « Share-House »


By choosing a hostel as your place of accommodation, you will emphasize on two specific characteristic features for your trip :

  • The social openness and the conviviality that these establishments are renowned for.
  • However, you will also benefit from the economical aspect of being based out of a hostel. By choosing a hostel, and therefore a dormitory-style accommodation, you will effectively opt for the most cost-effective lodgment.


From 3000 JPY / night depending on location and equipment available on-site.

Hotels & « Ryokan »

For a short trip abroad, we recommend you choose a hotel for your accommodation.

You can find all across the city of Tokyo, and the entire country, Western-styled hotels providing Occidental beds and sanitaries (shower and sink). It is safe to say that the change of scenery begins with your choice of accommodation.

In Japan, you will have the opportunity to live a once-in- a- lifetime experience by opting for a « Ryokan » :

This traditional Japanese hotel will give you the opportunity to test the benefits of sleeping on a “futon” on a “tatatmi”, the Japanese way. Some of these establishments provide private bathrooms, however some will invite you to the “onsen”, a traditional, warm spring water source. This Japanese bath can sometimes be found outside, on the terraces of these “Ryokans”.


From 6000 JPY / night for an individual room, or from 10000 JPY / night for a double room, depending on location and time of year.

From 8000 JPY / night for an individual room, or 15000 JPY / night for a double room, depending on location and time of year


For a long term stay, and for a higher degree of comfort and total independence, we recommend you choose a private appartment for your trip abroad.

With no entry fees (opposed to traditional estate agencies), no contract (minimum stay of one calendar month) and no garantor required, you can enjoy the privacy of your own Japanese or Western-styled apartment (furnished, bathroom and kitchen equipment included).


From 65000 JPY / month depending on location, size and equipment available on-site

Shared appartments / House Sharing

For a long term stay, from a few weeks to several months, a “house share”, also called a “guest-house”, is without a doubt the most cost-effective option, combining comfort, privacy and conviviality.

You will have your own individual furnished bedroom (bed, wardrobe, table, seating…), with a shared bathroom and toilets in the property. These establishments benefit from an international clientele that truly creates a convivial atmosphere in the shared areas which are the kitchen and living room.

This is a very flexible system as you only have to commit to one month, however they may be costs involved in this particular case.


From 55000 JPY / month depending on location and equipment available on-siteé