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Acitvities in Paris

Tailor-made activities so you can enjoy Paris to the fullest!

Find out more about all of the opportunities and possibilities Paris has to offer !

Our recommendations and hidden gems

Make the most of every second spent in Paris !

Culinary and sensory arts

Visits and excursions

Event-based trips

Shows and Attraction parks

On the River Seine

Culinary and sensory arts

We work with hand-picked service suppliers, so you can fully discover the gastronomical and sensory arts Paris has to offer.

Cooking lessons / Pastry lessons

Discover the French art of pâtisserie by working with experts in the fields of chocolate, cakes and baking. Learn how to make French baguettes, croissants, macaroons and a variety of traditional cakes working with local and seasonal produce.
Different packages are made available to you. You can either attend group classes or have your own personal teacher for private lessons.

For example, from 95€ / person for a 3-hour lesson.

We can also book classes in one of France’s most prestigious culinary and sensory arts schools.

Make your own wine

This course teaches you all about the different steps of wine making. Taste and select your grapes, make your own wine composition, create your very own packaging and bottle your own unique wine!

From 75€ / person for a 2 hour lesson

Wine and/or champagne tastings

We can organise a wine tasting (in French or English) that will allow you to get a better understanding of the French wine culture and industry.

A “tour de France” of wine is made available during the tasting, giving you a global vision of French wine, or you can focus the tasting on one particular region.

From 55€ / person for a 2 hour lesson.

Apprentice parfumer course

Become a perfumer for an afternoon by attending this course that will allow you to create your own eau de cologne. An unforgettable sensorial adventure, putting your senses to work in a way you have yet to experience!
You will be able to leave this course with your very own self-created perfume in an elegant 100ml customized bottle. A signed diploma will also be issued at the end of the lesson.

From 95€ / person for a 1,5h lesson.

Visits and excursions

We organise guided visits of a number of neighbourhoods in France with a professional tour guide, or a half day formula, with a photographer. You will be taken to the most famous parks, the most exclusive areas of the city and along the River Seine, and you will be able to take home the photos taken during the day on a USB stick.
Please let us know which language you would like the tour to be conducted in, and we will do the necessary to find a tour guide that meets your expectations and needs.

Museum visits and famous neighbourhoods

Visit the Louvre, Orsay museums, the Invalides and the Grand Palais (world renowned exhibitions), the hidden gems of Paris, or a specific neighbourhood such as le Marais or Montmartre.

We also offer you the opportunity to reserve a private chauffeur if you book your tour guide yourself.

From 40€ / person

Tours and excursions

(Private tours of 2 hours minimum depending on destination)

Chateau de Versailles, Giverny and the Claude Monet museum, Chateaux de la Loir, day-trip to Mont Saint Michel, visit of Normandy and the D-day beaches)

From 45€ / person

Bourgogne visit (1-2 days)

around the most emblematic and beautiful sites of the region.

From 290€ / person

Event-based trips

We can provide suggestions and advice, and will organise your trip, whether it be for a few days, a week or a prolonged period of time. This may include all kinds of sporting and/or cultural events (for example, football World Cup, rugby matches, Champion’s League games, 6 Nations tournament, Formula 1 races, concerts, music festivals).


LThe costs related to this service depend on the type of event you would like to attend, the number of attendees, length of stay… Every trip is unique and we provide a tailored service depending on your needs. Please contact us directly in order to discuss the details of your trip, and we will provide you with a quote covering the services best suited to your trip.

Shows and Attraction parks

A variety of shows are available to attend in Paris, from comedy to burlesque dancing, and the most well renowned international glamour shows. Paris has everything to offer!
Some concerts and one-man comedy shows are also very sought after by international tourists.

We work alongside specialised sporting agencies in order to provide you with tickets to the biggest and most spectacular sporting events : Champion’s League football, 6 Nations rugby tournaments, World Cups.

If a particular theme or sport has caught your eye, please contact us with all enquiries or demands for complementary information and bookings.

On the River Seine

We can organize cruises along the river, or a magnificent 2-hour lunch/dinner excursion on the river Seine.
Prices will vary depending on the time of day, the location and the gastronomic formulas chosen.

It is possible to privatise a boat for an exceptional, romantic evening.
Please contact us directly in order to discuss the details of your evening, and we will provide you with a quote covering the services best suited to your evening meal


River cruise from 15 € / person

From 59 € / person for a lunch excursion

From 69 € / person for a dinner excursion

For a prestigious gastronomic dinner, from 220 € / person (drinks excluded)