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Getting around Los Angeles

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Private drivers

Car rental


« Roissy CDG – Charles de Gaulle » and « Paris Orly » are the two international airports located in the Parisian suburbs, whilst some low-cost flights fly only into Beauvais airport, located 90 km to the north of the capital.
For long-haul flights, most airlines will fly into Roissy-CDG.

If you would like to be picked up upon arrival at the airport, for practical reasons or due to issues related to the language barrier, concerns around fatigue, whether you be travelling alone or in a group, there are a number of options available to you at very reasonable prices.

You will be greeted in the arrival hall of the airport, as soon as you have passed customs (your driver will have a sign with your name upon it), and he/she will drive you directly to your hotel.
On the day of departure, transport to the airport can be organized in the same manner, the pick-up will take place in the lobby of your hotel and your driver will take you directly to your terminal.

Private transport
Whether you be travelling alone or in a group of up to 6 people, for transport from the airport to Santa Monica for example, enjoy the convenience of a personalized welcome and a private vehicle.


  • From 90 € : Mercedes E , BMW 5 or equivalent (Return from 70€ with pick-up in your hotel lobby and drop-off at your terminal)
  • From 130€ : Mercedes Viano (7 places) or equivalent (Return from 110€ with pick-up in your hotel lobby and drop-off at your terminal)
  • From 180 € : Mercedes S, BMW 7 or equivalent (Return from 160 € with pick-up in your hotel lobby and drop-off at your terminal)

We can also provide a hostess that will meet you as you get off the plane and will accompany you through customs, baggage claim and will coordinate travel arrangements with your driver.
With regards to your departure, your hostess will help you with tax refunds, passage through customs and will accompany you all the way to the departure gate or VIP lounge.


  • 125 € per person or family (people travelling in groups are excluded
Private drivers

Los Angeles in the city where everything is possible.
Upon demand, a private chauffeur can be made available for a few hours for an excursion or a shopping trip, or even a Hummer limousine ! Anything is possible !

For a private driver (2 hours) from Santa Monica :


  • From 110 US$ : Mercedes E Class, Cadillac XTS, or equivalent
  • From 140 US$ : Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, or equivalent
  • From 170 US$ : Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, or equivalent
  • From 200 US$ : H2 Hummer Limousine or Cadillac Limousine
  • From 300 US$ : Bentley, Rolls Royce, or equivalent

(As a reminder, a private driver is not a guide. Please see our Visits & Excursions page for more details.)

Car rental

To move about Los Angeles freely, renting a car is the best way to go.
The car rental system in Los Angeles is easy to use, with quick access to vehicles at affordable prices.

If would like to travel freely around the United States, organising a road trip in California to San Francisco for example, or if you would rather visit a neighbouring state such as Nevada for the follies of Las Vegas or the
beauty of the Grand Canyon, we can organize a drop-off in a different agency.

Prices will vary depending on the category and model of the car that you choose.

Rental prices for a 10-day period (pick-up and drop-off at LAX airport, unlimited mileage and GPS included)


  • From 450 US$ : Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Grand Caravan (for 7 people)
  • From 550 US$ : Chevrolet Equinox or equivalent
  • From 630 US$ : Ford Mustang convertible or equivalent
  • From 900 US$ : Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon XL (for 8 people), Cadillac Escalade…