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Your frequently asked questions

I have found a language course, a type of accommodation, a service that interests me. How do I get more information?

You only need to send us an email! Please include in the message the following information: the course, accommodation, service that interests you; your full name, nationality, telephone number and email address; the city you will be visiting, and if possible your date of arrival and length of stay.
Please feel free to add any complementary information you may deem useful.

Upon reception of this email, you will be put in contact directly with the corresponding interlocutor within our network of partners.

Due to confidentiality, you will be put in direct contact with our partner. However, you can of course be accompanied by “Over the World” every step of the way if you wish.

Can I register to a school without applying for an accommodation, or vice versa, can I apply for an accommodation without registering to language courses ?

Absolutely ! Our partners are all independant structures. Therefore, there are no obligations regarding what you can and cannot apply for. All services are provided independently.

I am arriving in one of these three cities, can « Over the World » pick me up directly at the airport (or at the train station)?

« Over the World » will be delighted to pick you up in person at the airport or train station of your choice. We will then accompany all the way to your front door!

« Over the World » also has a variety of partnerships with shuttle services that can transfer you from the airport or train station to central locations. We can also provide private transfer (for individuals or groups).

For all enquiries regarding price and information, please do not hesitate to send us an email!

I would like to attend cultural events, touristic excursions, sporting and musical events. Can “Over the World” assist me in getting tickets?

For all of the above, « Over the World » can recommend a large variety of different activities, once again through our strong network of partners. We are in touch with companies providing services such as tours of the city, cultural visits and ticket sales for major events.

For all enquiries regarding price and information, please do not hesitate to send us an email!

I would like to learn one of these three languages in a different city/another language in one of these three cities/learn a different language in a different city. Can “Over the World” help me out?

Of course we can ! Please send us an email with the following information: location, date, length of stay, language course you would like to attend, type of accommodation, and any other information you may think useful. We will find the best offers at the best prices !