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Le Concept

Notre identité, chez Over The World


Originally from Paris and the French riviera, issuing from business studies and the well renowned School of Conciergerie “Clefs d’Or”, the OverTheWorldstaff has broad international experience that has taken us around Europe, Asia and the US. We are driven by our shared passion for travel, adventure, and above all, our desire to share our experiences with the world.

Our Passion

During our time studying, working and living in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, we have developed a strong professional network of service providers from the tourist industry. From our various experiences in these three incredible cities, we have hand-picked the partners with whom we work in order to supply you with the most comprehensive service for your trips abroad, ensuring that

“OverTheWorld” gives you the best possible experience abroad.

Our Network

In order to steer you towards the best, most dependable and reliable establishments and companies, our network has been structured around quality of service, security and coherance, at the best possible prices.

We understand that it is not easy to find the best neighbourhoods to live in, the most comprehensive language schools, and that it is not always simple to organise a trip to a new country or city with it’s own culture and language.

Our Services

That is why « OverTheWorld » provides services facilitating your search for the best suppliers and partners abroad. We accompany and provide you with assistance during your whole trip, from the conception stage of your adventure to ensuring a physical presence in each of the three cities, all the way to your return flight back home.

In order to provide you with the best solutions to your needs, while of course taking into account your demands, restraints, imperatives and desires, we invite you to contact us directly and we will ensure that you have the most memorable trip abroad. Welcome to “OverTheWorld”!